New Project: PWNED 2013 Rebrand – With Element 3D

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Another fun project! New graphics package for PWNED, the show from EA about their games. This package included straps, crawls, stings, titles, transitions, etc… The full works!

Creating an¬†identity¬†for a show is a real honour. It’s also a real challenge to bring all the personality and style of a show into it’s graphical elements, as well as matching all assets to help them blend whilst in situ.

I also managed to finally get to play with Video CoPilots Element 3D. Holy Crap! What a plugin! There would have been NO CHANCE to have got this out of the door in such a short time if it wasn’t for this beaut.


I am thinking of running a breakdown for this project – so please post in the comment box below if this is something you would find worthwhile.

Watch the new PWNED hub show here.



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