Freebies: Textured Basketball Stadium Model C4D

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Stadium C4D Model

Here’s a great freebie for sports fans (and Motionographers) alike! I recently had the opportunity to work for UPS in conjunction with NCAA on a cool little promo spot. Fortunately, I had already modelled something similar previously. Anyway, here it is for you – beware the crowd numbers… The more people at your imaginary match, the higher the render time!

As you can see, although it’s a very simple model, chuck on a bit of Depth of Field and you’re winning! The texture around the edges (blue / black rectangles) can be animated with the noise seed to flash on and off like screens as are sometimes present in these stadiums.

Another compositing tip: If you have Video CoPilot Optical Flares, you can use the external compositing tag on the light set-up and create some really cool looking sports lights. Unfortunately, I did not have this at the time so the final piece did just had the SO-SO flares in Cinema4D itself.

And finally, credit where credit is due… I used ApeStars free T-Shirt Models (vector) for the people in the crowd.

Download the Stadium model and textures here

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