Far Cry 3


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Wow, seriously… This is the most fun I’ve had playing a game for a long time. Running around an immersive jungle island with a bow and arrow, pretending to be Rambo… Tripping balls during spiritual journeys to find a “Warriors Path”… Climbing to dizzying heights up rusty, rickety radio towers (tetanus is the least your worries here) and (on a side note) rescuing your school chums from slavery / certain death.

With a host of colourful characters, this game feels more akin to the worlds portrayed in literature such as Heart of Darkness, Lord Of The Flies, and of course the frequently referenced Alice In Wonderland.

This is the first game I’ve actually had the patience to sit down and play all the way through for a while too, which is a surprise as a lot of the missions are repetitive in their goals: Hunt a rare animal for skins to upgrade your equipment, get stabby with the bad guys for extra cash and XP, or tear through the expansive sun drenched archipelago on various vehicles carrying medical supplies.

All in all, this game has been a truly enjoyable and grabbing experience. I simply didn’t want it to end – can’t wait for whatever DLC comes next!

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