Battlefield 4 Showdown LIVE – Europe vs. USA

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Battlefield 4 Showdown

Fans of Battlefield everywhere! This should be exciting. 64 players going head to head on Battlefield 4 on Xbox One – PLUS two Commanders leading the charge for Europe and the USA.

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m going to be working on this project, creating all the live graphics, show VTs, trailers, and set graphics. I’m especially looking forward to having a play on BF4 on the Xbox One, as it is lookin’ BAD ASS.

It’s a total pleasure to be able to work with DICE on this project too… Their creative team is formidable and their vision for Battlefield 4 is epic. This is all thanks to the wonderful Attention Seekers. This will be a LIVE event on Xbox – stay tuned for more information, as well as a breakdown on the work that went into it.

To find out more, head over to

The first of the promos can be seen here:

Come on Europe!

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