3D Tracking in After Effects CS6 (AE -> C4D -> AE)

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Wow! Adobe have really outdone themselves in their latest release of After Effects CS6. There are a lot of great new features, but my favourite has to be the addition of 3D tracking. No longer do you have to turn to third-party plugins (like the Foundry’s Camera Tracker), you don’t even have to leave After Effects (like with Boujou & Syntheyes). A one click solution? Maybe… I have not had any crazy results so far after a few tests so that’s usually a good sign!

I am amazed at the results achieved from shaky iPhone footage… I can’t wait to test this out with stuff shot on a real camera. Hopefully over the next couple of months I can cram in into an FX shot or two.

The workflow between After Effects and Cinema 4D is also very simple and (so far) problem free. Using MAXONs exchange plugins, you can simply export a .C4D file from After Effects, and an .AEC out of Cinema4D to continue compositing.

Also worth a mention (understatement!!!) is Video CoPilot’s incredible new plugin that’s causing some serious shake-up in the video world. If you haven’t already heard of Element 3D, I strongly suggest heading over to Andrew Kramers incredible website and checking it out. This one is going to be BIG.

Nice work Adobe and MAXON! You have literally made it a pleasure to be using your software.

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